Harris ALUXCOR 4047 Flux-Cored Aluminum Brazing Alloy – 0.5 Lb Tube

Brand: Harris
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  • Wide variety of wire diameter in spools and cut lengths in imperial and metric sizes
  • Preforms
  • Rings
  • Return bends and Crossovers


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Harris® ALUXCOR 4047

ALUXCOR® flux-cored brazing alloy provides excellent strength and corrosion resistance for joining aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper or brass. It is free flowing with unequaled capillary attraction, ductility, and penetration. Aluxcor is available in different flux combinations.

Features and Benefits

  • ALUXCOR® zinc-aluminum flux-cored brazing alloy
  • For manual and semi-automatic aluminum flame brazing
  • Flux inner core means no manual flux application is required providing significant cost savings
  • Releases designated amount of flux into capillary
  • Ensures good oxidation protection and capillary fill
  • Melting range of 1049°F – 1061°F (564°C – 572°C).
  • Non-hygroscopic, so no flux removal needed
  • Typical application is brazing HVAC aluminum components including return bends, headers, tube assemblies, and distributors.
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive.

Typical Application:  Aluminum-to-aluminum, aluminum-to-copper, aluminum-to-brass.


  • New round flux cored ring design
  • Protects the flux inside the wire until proper pre-heat which helps prevent silicon erosion from excess flux burn off on the tube
  • Seam prevents flux loss during shipping, loading onto the return bends, and in wire feed applications
  • Helps with return bend ring retention to prevent rings from moving or falling off return bends and crossovers


  • Core design releases the flux only after sufficient preheating so both the flux and alloy flows at the right time into the capillary
  • Proprietary custom flux blends available for customer specific applications
  • Strict flux percentage tolerance ensures that the flux is consistent throughout the wire for repeatable high-performance flow of the alloy
  • We only use non-corrosive and nonhygroscopic flux with no flux binder


  • In house manufacturing
  • Capability of manufacturing wire, flux cored rings, ring loaded return bends which helps lower costs and shorten the supply chain


  • Residential HVAC manufacturers
  • Fabricated parts manufacturers
  • Coil Manufacturers
  • Automotive
  • Appliance

Harris #ALUXCOR 4047 Specifications

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