HCPRO HC-OHV2.6 Oil Hand Pump

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  • Universal style tapered rubber adapter
  • One size pump fits all 1,2-1/2, and 5 gallons
  • Pumps against 200 psi pressure


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HCPRO HC-OHV2.6 Refrigerant Oil Hand Pump

The HCPRO HC-HV2.6 refrigerant oil pump, is designed to allow service technicians to pump refrigerant oil directly into a refrigeration system while the system is still under pressure. This eliminates the need to
recover the refrigerant from a system when adding oil is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal style tapered rubber adapter is designed to fit all container.
  • One size pump fits all 1,2-1/2, and 5 gallons refrigeration oil containers. With the oil hand pump, you can smoothly pump into the compressor on the down stroke while the system is under pressure. This makes pumping easier with a positive stroke.
  • Pumps against 200 psi pressure.
  • Comfort-grip rubber handle.
  • Compatible with all oil types s (Alkyl-benzene, Ester-based, Polyol Esters, Mineral, Paraffin-based, and synthetic types).
  • Universal stopper automatically adjusts to all standard openings in 1; 2½ and 5-gallon oil containers.

HCPRO #22-0053 Specifications

Restrictions and Compliance

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 6 in

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