Maslex Reinforced Aluminum Tape 3″ x 50′ Yds

Maslex Reinforced Aluminum Tape 3″ x 50′ Yds

Reinforced Aluminum Tape 3″ x 50′ Yds

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3" x 50' Yds

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Maslex Reinforced Aluminum Tape 3″ x 50′ Yds

Aluminum Foil Tape is a 2-mil dead soft premium grade Aluminum Foil coated with an extremely aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive that provides a tight positive grab when smoothed on work surfaces; its malleable foil conforms well to irregular and curved surfaces. AF-20R Aluminum foil tape is an all-weather general purpose used in fiberglass duct board systems (on seams and joints to maintain the integrity of the vapor barrier) and on FSK systems. Also, is used for heat reflection and dissipation, masking in paint stripping and electroplating, cover over and seal seams in Hexayurt shelters, waterproof sealing, and sealing plastic and automation plateware (in biotech research).

Alternative to Ideal #488; Venture #3530; Shurtape #AF973; Fasson #0802; Polyken #337; Nashua #332; Tesa #53900.

  • Conformable backing and pressure sensitive rubber adhesive adheres to a variety of smooth or irregular surfaces

  • Acts as a vapor barrier to ensure the integrity of the insulation system Thermal conductivity helps cooling and heating efficiency, improving efficiency in systems
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