Robertshaw 4290-011 Commercial Gas Hydraulic Cooking Control

  • Inlet Size: 3/8″ Pipe
  • Outlet Size: 3/8″ Pipe
  • Pilot Outlet: NA
  • Stem Flat Position: Down

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Robertshaw 4290-011 Commercial Gas Hydraulic Cooking Control

The Robertshaw® 4290 Series Gas Thermostat is a snap-acting hydraulic thermostat and used to provide temperature control by interrupting gas flow to the burner. The 4290 Series gas thermostat is available for a wide variety of applications including small ovens, griddles, brooders, warming cabinets, and fryers.

Features and Benefits

  • Capable up to 30,000 BTUs.
  • Available in various temperature ranges, with temperature control up to 600°F (316°C).
  • Snap-acting from Off position to full gas flow.
  • Adjustable bypass key and bypass settings are optional.
  • Applicable to use with high-capacity gas operated diaphragm valves (700-800 Series).
  • Adapts to limited mounting space.
  • Bulb and capillary assemblies supplied in nickel plated copper or stainless steel.
  • Dials in heat resistant plastic are included.
  • Ambient temperature is 300°F (149°C).

Robertshaw #4290-011 Specifications

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