HCPRO 32 Grade Synthetic POE Refrigeration Lubricant 32oz

Brand: HCPRO Products
SKU 02-0053
  • 32 Grade Synthetic POE Refrigeration 32oz
  • Reduces System Wear
  • Compatible With HCFC,HFC,CFC & Blends


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HCPRO RPO 32 Synthetic POE Refrigeration Lubricant 32 Oz.

Is formulated from synthesized polyol esters to provide outstanding lubricity and wear protection as well as chemical and thermal stability.


  • Reciprocating rotary and scroll residential and industrial refrigeration compressors.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with HFC, HCFC, CFC and Blend Refrigerants.
  • Low Pour Point.
  • Low Moisture Content.
  • Low Carbon Forming Tendencies.
  • High Chemical & Thermal Stability.
  • Helps Prevent Acid Formation & Corrosion.
  • Premium Synthetic Polyol Ester Oil.
  • Reduces system wear.
  • Extends system life.
  • Can be used in systems containing R-12, R-134a, R-22, R-23, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-408A, R-409A, R-410A, R-417A, R-422A, R-422D, R-423A, R-437A, R-438A, R-502, R-507, R-508B.

HCPRO #02-0053 Specifications

Restrictions and Compliance

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 13 in
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