Ignition Module

Ignition Module

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Robertshaw 790-400 Ram-4 Ignition Module Control

Electrical Rating (input): 24V 50/60 Hz, 120V 50/60 Hz, 50...
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Robertshaw 780-845 Ignition Module, Intermittent Pilot, 24V

Reduces truck stock inventory, saving space and money Easy-to-install with...
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Robertshaw 780-715 Intermittent Spark Pilot Ignition Control Board Module

The products of our store are the perfect combination of...
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Robertshaw 780-502 Direct Ignition Spark Control

Series Application: DS 845, 24V Direct Spark Ignition Electrical Rating:...
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Robertshaw 41-602 Furnace Mini Igniter

Dependable ignition in a small footprint Constructed with unique non-porous,...
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Robertshaw 41-410 Replacement Hot Surface Igniter

Made from high-purity recrystallized silicon carbide. (Crystar™) which combines physical...
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Robertshaw 41-216 Hot Surface Igniter

High physical and thermal strength Easy mounting Silent ignition Kits...
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Robertshaw 1980-018 Snap-Fit Thermocouple 18″

Easy burner installation with attached threaded nut Stainless steel outer...