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Why Nu-Calgon 4287-08 Is the Best Ice Machine Cleaner

Years ago, Nu-Calgon’s 4287-08 ice machine cleaner revolutionized commercial ice machine cleaning, with many at Supplies Plus calling it the best ice machine cleaner for almost any application. Has that changed over the years? When it comes to safety, value, and limescale removal capabilities, the answer is no. Here’s why Nu-Calgon is still the king of cold.

Ice Machine Cleaner


The first nickel-safe cleaner in the industry, Nu-Calgon’s 4287-08 ice machine cleaner is specifically formulated to be safe for ice machines that use nickel or tin-plated evaporators. And since it comes in a nickel-safe one-gallon bottle, you’ll save on your next deep clean, and have enough leftover for your next job. And if you need supplies for your next service call, we’ve got you covered.

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Removes Limescale

Nu-Calgon 4287-08 is one of the best ice machine cleaners on the market today because it easily handles limescale buildup, a typical byproduct of the ice-making process. Too much limescale can slow down the ice creation process, or even grind your machine to a halt altogether, so it’s important to manage buildup early and often.

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Formulated for Use in Every Ice Machine

Some ice machines can require niche products to clean, but Nu-Calgon’s ice machine cleaner is safe to use in every type of ice maker. It’s functional in cubers, flakers, drum, and tube machines. This makes it a more versatile product than competitors and helps HVACR professionals reduce the number of tools needed to clean an ice machine.

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Food-Grade, and USDA Accepted

Ice machines typically produce ice for consumption, making it absolutely vital that the next product you use to clean your ice machine is food-grade safe and USDA certified. Nu-Calgon’s ice machine cleaner is food-grade, USDA-accepted, and safe to use in any machine.

Investing in a great ice machine and then using subpar ice machine cleaners doesn’t make any sense. Pick up a nickel-safe, one-gallon bottle of Nu-Calgon’s ice machine cleaner from Supplies Plus, and treat your cold to some clean.

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