HCPRO 3G Mineral Refrigeration Oil SUS150–ISO VG32 1 Gal

Brand: HCPRO Products
SKU 02-0040
  • 3GS Refrigeration Mineral Oil Gallon 128oz
  • SUS 150 Viscosity
  • Compatible With CFC,HCFC, & Ammonia


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HCPRO 3G Mineral Refrigeration Oil SUS150–ISO VG32 1 Gal

HCPRO 3GS refrigeration oil is a premium quality lubricant made from specially refined naphthenic base oil that is highly refined to provide the low pour point necessary for proper lubrication in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. HCPRO refrigeration oil offers excellent chemical stability when in the presence of refrigerant and other compressor materials and helps provide maximum wear protection for air conditioning compressors and components. HCPRO 3GS refrigeration oil has excellent thermal stability to ensure peak performance at high temperatures as well as excellent low temperature properties to prevent congealing in the evaporator. The oil is also wax-free to prevent floc problems in the evaporator and expansion valve.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Quality OEM approved
  • Compatible with CFC, HCFC and Ammonia Refrigerants.
  • Low pour point and wax content.
  • High chemical and thermal stability.
  • 30 cSt viscosity.

HCPRO #22-0042 Specifications

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
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