Johnson Controls P70MA-11C SPST Dual Pressure Control

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  • Spst Dual Pres Control
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Johnson Controls P70MA-11C SPST Dual Pressure Control

The P70, P72, and P170 controls for dual pressure applications are designed primarily for use as combination high- and low-pressure controls on commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. These controls are available in several pressure ranges and are compatible with most common refrigerants. Ammonia compatible models are also available. These controls respond directly to system pressure changes on both high and low sides and can provide single-device control of the compressor. Controls are available in several different electrical ratings and switch configurations, including independent high- and low-pressure switches (on P70S and P170S models). The P72 models provide direct control of 208–240-volt, single-phase motors up to 3 horsepower, and 208-220 volt, 3-phase motors up to 5 horsepower.
Features and Benefits
  • All-steel case and cover built to provide long lasting, rugged protection for internal components.
  • “Sight-Set” calibrated pressure adjustment displays a visible pressure scale, fully adjustable through the range without removing the cover (on NEMA 1 enclosure models).
  • MICRO-SET™ differential option allows for precise control on low pressure applications.
  • Independent high- and low-pressure switches (P70S and P170S Models) satisfies a variety of dual pressure application wiring requirements with a single versatile control.
  • Convertible high pressure reset–auto reset or manual reset lockout (P70S and P170S Models) reduces inventory— one control can be adapted to several dual pressure applications in the field.


  • P70L, M, N, and P170L, M, N models have a Single-Pole Single-Throw (SPST) switch. Models are available with automatic or manual reset lockout options. Models with manual reset are available with either high-side-only manual reset, or low-side and high-side manual reset. Ammonia-compatible models are also available (P70L and P70M only).
  • Some models are available with Limited Knob Adjustment, which restricts adjustment of the pressure settings and deters over adjustment or tampering. NEMA 1 enclosures are standard on most models. NEMA 3R enclosures are also available.

Johnson Controls #P70MA-11C Specifications

The performance specifications are nominal and conform to acceptable industry standards. For applications at conditions beyond these specifications, consult the local Johnson Controls office or representative. Johnson Controls shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.

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