Lucas Milhaupt Silvabrite 100

Brand: Lucas Milhaupt
SKU 10-0002
  • Joins CU to Brass (flux is recommended)
  • Melts & flows at temperatures very close to 15% Ag
  • Slow flow


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Lucas-Milhaupt 56761 - SILVABRITE 100

“The safe water solder”, Silvabrite 100 is a non-toxic solder, free of both lead and antimony. It can join many non-ferrous and ferrous metals, and is most commonly used for joining pipes that carry drinking water. Due to its wide melting range, it is well suited to fill both small and large gaps.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium solder for potable water
  • Lead free
  • Excellent flow and control
  • High strength
  • Made in USA

Industry Applications

  • Food handling, drinking water components.

Lucas-Milhaupt #56761 Specifications

Restrictions and Compliance

Additional information

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