ATCO – 13602514 30 Series R6 DUCT 036RF,14″x25 In Core Black Polyester, Jacket Silver

Brand: ATCO
SKU 06-0114
  • For Use With: Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Inlet Diameter: 14″
  • Item: Insulated Flexible Duct


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ATCO - 13602514 14" x 25' 30 Series R6 DUCT 036RF

Atco #030, 036, and 031 are UL 181, Class 1 Air Ducts and are manufactured with a tri-directional fiberglass scrim reinforced, metallized polyester outer jacket. The inner core of all three products is air-tight and designed for low-to-medium operating pressures in HVAC systems. Atco #036 and 031 have increased insulation for superior thermal performance.

Construction: A double lamination of tough polyester which encapsulates a steel wire helix forms the air-tight inner core of the Atco #030, 036, and 031. The double-layer core of each product is wrapped in multiple thicknesses of fiberglass insulation. All three products are sheathed in a rugged and durable tri-directionally reinforced, metallized polyester jacket.

Features and Benefits

  • Air-tight Inner Core – Energy efficient / No fiberglass erosion into air stream
  • Encapsulated Wire Helix – No unraveling when cut to length / Quick installation
  • Smooth Inner Core – Low friction loss / Low operating cost
  • Highly Resistant to Mold Growth – Tested and Listed to UL Environment’s Standard UL 2824
    Certified for Low Chemical Emissions – Tested and Certified to UL Environment’s Standard UL 2818
  • Certified Thermal Performance (R-values) – UL Classified to Air Diffusion Council test program
  • Tough Reinforced Metallized Polyester Jacket – Tear and puncture resistant / Low maintenance
  • Lightweight Compact Carton/Bag – Reduces warehouse and jobsite handling cost
  • Formaldehyde Free – Made with Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation

ATCO #13602514 Specifications

Restrictions and Compliance

All thermal performance (R-Values) are certified by the Air Diffusion Council (ADC) and classified by UL LLC in accordance with ADC Flexible Duct Performance and Installation Standard using ASTM C-518, at installed wall thickness, on flat insulation only.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 12 in


30 days




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