Tools: Hand Tools: Flaring and Swaging

There are many hand tools on the market that are used in various industries. Today, we will focus on two specific hand tools: flaring and swaging tools. Flaring and swaging tools are used to create or alter the shape of a metal pipe or tube, making them both important for anyone who works with metal pipes or tubes. Let’s take a closer look at these two hand tools! 

Hand Flaring Tools

Flaring tools are used to make a flared end on a metal pipe or tube by using pressure. This flared end is then used to connect the pipe or tube to another fitting.

Hand Swaging Tools

Swaging tools are similar to pliers or punching tools and are used to reduce the diameter of a metal pipe or tube. Essentially, swaging is a process of metal-forming that uses pressing or hammering to deform a pipe or tube so it will fit around another part.

Which Hand Tool Do I Need?

The hand tool you need will depend on the job you are doing. If you’re creating a flare at the end of a metal pipe or tube, you’ll need a flaring tool. If you’re reducing the diameter of a metal pipe or tube, you will need a swaging tool. While there are many different types of hand tools available on the market, it is essential to choose the best hand tool for the job. If you’re unsure of which hand tool to use, consult with our team at Supplies Plus Store — we’ll advise you on the best hand tool for the job.

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